Gardening Tools

Galvanized quality made out of high-quality steel characterises our range of pendulum hoes, general garden hoes, draw hoes and beet hoes, as well as cultivators. These tools are available in a variety of widths and designs, all featuring excellent workmanship. We also consistently focus on premium quality and an environmentally-friendly production process for the handles. Therefore, we only use FSC certified wood from Swiss forests.



As a general rule, the ALBA KRAPF gardening tools are galvanized – a guarantee against the development of rust.


Resistant to cracking, bending and deformation.


Stainless, spring steel – no rust means no loss of quality. The blade remains sharp.

Pendulum hoes

The slightly oscillating, double-sided sharpened steel blade cuts the weeds by pulling or pushing it, without churning up the soil surface too much, which is of great benefit among crops and on paths. The weeds are cut with minimal effort and minor surface movement, so that no seeds carried by the wind or animals can be worked into the soil. No more arduous hoeing with conventional gardening tools. Our stirrup hoe is the right choice for you!

The steel blade is made out of stainless spring steel.

Draw hoes

Draw hoe 130 mm

Galvanized, with riveted on, stainless spring steel

Blade width: 130 mm
Overall length: 150 cm
Art.-Nr: 11315 (with handle),
11311A (without handle)

Draw hoe 160 mm

Galvanized, with riveted on, stainless spring steel

Blade width: 160 mm
Overall length: 150 cm
Art.-Nr: 11322 (with handle),
11321 (without handle)


1-prong cultivator

Galvanized, with one wide prong and handle

Overall length: 135 cm
Art.-Nr: 11336 (with handle),
11334 (without handle)

3-prong cultivator

Galvanized, with 3 narrow prongs and handle

Overall length: 135 cm
Art.-Nr: 11338 (with handle),
11339 (without handle)

Weeding hoes

Broad-blade weeding hoe

With a broad hoe, strong design, powder-coated, with ash wood handle

Overall length: 34 cm
Art.-Nr: 11272

Heart-shaped weeding hoe

With a heart-shaped hoe, strong design, powder-coated, with ash wood handle

Overall length: 34 cm
Art.-Nr: 11273


ALBA UNIVERSAL tool holding rail

Excellent for tidy, space-saving storage of gardening tools and household appliances.

Benefits: The adjustable arrangement of the tool holders ensures an optimum distance between the individual handled devices, also ideally appropriate for skis.

Overall length: 100 cm
Weight: 3.65 kg
Art.-Nr: 13838

  • Consists of 4 adjustable tool holders
  • 20cm projection
  • Galvanized whole metal
  • Double-sided retaining brackets
  • With different bracket cut-out options
  • Complete with screws and wall plugs/li>