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Star Series II


Our Star Series II stands out due to its high level of hose capacity, stability and sturdiness for everyday professional use.

Non-slip, easily manoeuvrable wheels with a strong tread pattern, which are gentle on the lawn; optimum centre of gravity during transport. We offer optimum corrosion protection thanks to the galvanized surface. This device is easy to manoeuvre, features a long manageable handle and provides complete freedom of movement for your feet during transport.

The convenient hose connection guides the hose perfectly onto the reel.


A convenient reel locking mechanism prevents the hose from inadvertently unwinding during transport.

Easy to use and secure hold due to magnetic catch.


Durable plastic tyres made in Germany all the way to pneumatic tyres with steel rims (depending on the model size) guarantee a high degree of stability – including in challenging transport situations on stairs, ramps and kerbs.

The sophisticated profile design ensures smooth transport and comfort – even on uneven terrain.


The handy hose holder offers additional convenience for most prevalent hose diameters.

Simply click into place when transporting the hose.

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