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hose trolley


Let the water flow – pour & water with quality standards.

Everything flows when gardening and landscaping: Our durable steel hose trolleys are characterized by comfortable handling and a firm footing, optimal water flow and kink-free rolling up as well as optimal transport height and non-slip wheels. Also in the range: permanently installable hose holders and models with a large swivel range for stable wall mounting, which can be removed with a flick of the wrist for uncomplicated storage in winter.

What other features are preferred to make watering and watering easier? – We leave this decision to our customers! Starting with the practical transport lock, through non-slip floor protection, to the hose clamp made of spring steel for easy attachment: Our functional hose trolley models meet every requirement. And thanks to hot-dip galvanizing, nothing stands in the way of demanding and particularly robust use in industry and commerce.

Hose Trolley Models

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